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Christ the Servant Church

Christ the Servant Apostolic Church and the Apostolic Catholic Church are now known as the Ecumenical Catholic Communion in fulfillment of an agreement of full communion. Christ the Servant Church is part of the Diocese of Florida.

Working families need Good News

On Wednesday, July 31, Tampa police broke in the unlocked door of Christ the Servant and at gun point charged Bishop Leigh with “falsifying documents”. The incident was coordinated with the news media present. The charges involve the manner in which community service hours are administered.
   Not so widely reported by the news media was the Tampa City Council’s decision to demolish 51 homes in Sulphur Springs just hours before Bishop Leigh was taken into custody. (See news article.)
   Christ the Servant has provided pastoral care to many working families whose homes were taken in foreclosure. Our prayer continues to be that authorities provide solutions for working families to find homes. We lament that public funds are used to demolish homes rather than build them. Such decisions appear to benefit banks at the expense of homeless families.
   A local resource has sent us the following interpretation of events.
They come after the poor ...

   Millions of families have lost their homes nationwide in the foreclosure crisis. Find out more in "A Dream Foreclosed: Black America and the Fight for a Place to Call Home".

   "Now, when one chooses to live in solidarity with the poor, it seems only reasonable that one should share in all the realities of inner-city life. To call on the people of God in the inner-city to refuse to accept and to rebel against the oppression that is their daily life leads to an unavoidable protest against the status quo." Read more ...

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Bishop's statement on the role of the media in his arrest.


Commissioner proposes Sulphur Springs development - displacing working families to build upper class property.


A single charge of falsifying documents in administration of community service is filed. See They come after the poor.


National Council of Churches approves restructuring plan. Bishop Leigh appointed to Search Committee for new NCC leader.

a peace church

After several years of prayer and study, the people of the Apostolic Catholic Church in union with their bishop have come to the consensus that ours is a "Peace Church".

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is God calling you?

God calls each of us to reflect the gift of life in all that we do. Some persons are called to by the Spirit "to proclaim good news to the poor and the year of favor". Are you one?

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one in Christ

The Apostolic Catholic Church understands itself as a branch of one true vine of Christ and thus relates openly and intentionally with other expressions of the Church. 

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AMEN: A Social Creed for the 21st Century

WE CHURCHES OF THE UNITED STATES have a message of hope for a fearful time. 

Just as the churches responded to the harshness of early 20th Century industrialization with a prophetic “Social Creed” in 1908, so in our era of globalization we offer a vision of a society that shares more and consumes less, seeks compassion over suspicion and equality over domination, and finds security in joined hands rather than massed arms.