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In our present incarnation the Apostolic Catholic Church was formed by several priests and ministers from various main line denominations who had served in the third world. They sought to recreate the vibrant radical servant churches they experienced in the mission field. The special charism of the church is service to the poor and marginalizes. We are radically committed to social and economic justice. Most of our communities are in inner city or rural areas.Our priests and deacons are encouraged to live with the population they serve. They are expected to live at the same ecomonic level as the community.

The Apostolic Catholic Church is one of the larger old catholic groups in North American. In contrast to most old catholic/ independent catholic groups the Apostolic Catholic Church has more active communities than it has clergy.

Apostolic Catholics seek to become the arms and legs of Jesus Christ on earth, reaching out to those who suffer and are ignored by the world. We choose to be servant to all, ever mindful of the example of Christ, who "did not cling to His equality with God but emptied Himself to assume the condition of a slave."


Directory of Apostolic Catholic Church Communities


Agape Catholic Community

1936 Beach Pkwy #211
Cape Coral, FL 33904

This community has a special mission to the elderly. Their needs are assessed and aid is provided for food, safety, housekeeping and bathing. The primary concern is to be present and to listen to the elderly.



Come as you Are Community!


Services times and locations are as follows: 

Sundays at 9:00AM - Holy Eucharist
Thursdays at 11:00 AM - Bible Study
Fleet Landing Community - Leeward Manor Social Room
Mayport Road
Atlantic Beach FL

Christmas Eve Services at Windward Hall Auditorium - 10:30 AM

Avante' Senior Living Facility - Large Recreation Area
Seagate Avenue, Jacksonville Beach

Sundays at 10:30 AM -
Holy Eucharist Harbor Chase -
2nd floor Community Room -
San Pablo Road,
Jacksonville -
Sundays at 2:30 PM -

Holy Eucharist For additional information or for private appointments for spiritual concerns, please call

Rev. Craig A. Mears at (904) 233-8016
or Rev. Linda J. Miller at (904) 233-7971        



Faith Partners of the Americas, Inc.

NicaBox 2948
PO Box 25640
Miami, FL  33102
(507) 240-1506

Faith Partners of the Americas is a non-profit corporation [501 (c) 3] that works to build relations of solidarity between the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean and the peoples of North America.


Christ the Servant Apostolic Catholic Church

7813 N Nebraska Ave
Tampa, FL 33604
(813) 238-6060

This vibrant inner city parish is an harmonious mix of working individuals as well as people living on the street. The parish has specialized ministries to poor inner city children, to those living on the street and to those released from jail or prison. It also maintains a comprehensive ministry at two local nursing homes.


St. Sophia's Church

5409 Berkley Road
New Port Richey, FL 34652

St. Sophia's is an emerging parish of the Apostolic Catholic Church located in the northern end of the greater Tampa Bay area. The mission of St. Sophia's is to serve the people of New Port Richey, Port Richey, and Holiday (west Pasco County). Our focus is outreach to the poor, and those seeking employment. We share the burden and offer to hope to those who are unemployed or under-employed. Beginning late 2012 the Mass will be offered weekly, along with opportunities to learn how to live the spiritual life, and ways to get involved with community service. For more information contact Fr. Ernie Sumrall (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).


Kids in Balance

11964 Boyette Road, Riverview -, FL 
(813) 677-8450

This agency is a 501(c)(3) non-profit achievement center that provides a broad range of individuals with access to therapy based activities, classes and structured programs developed and run by Speech, Occupational, and Physical therapists. Kids In Balance, Inc. is a place where children, adults, and families with any level of needs and any level of income can participate in programs that are developed by skilled professionals.


Home Church Communities

In addition to regular parishes and intentional communities several home church communities exist within the Apostolic Catholic Church. Home church communities are made of at least 6 adults who meet on a regular basis. These communities are not considered a parish until they number about 24 members. Home church communities are encouraged to become regular parishes or intentional communities within three years of their founding. Presently 15 home church communities exist in central Florida. One is in the Philadelphia area. If one might be interested in joining an existing home church or forming a new one, please call (813) 748-0256 for contact information


Affiliate Organizations

New Springs Schools

4302 Gunn Highway, Suite 1313 
Tampa, FL  33618 (813) 504-3425

New Springs Middle School is a tuition free math and science focused middle school. Teachers and school staff interact closely with families in their home environment. Students are given individual attention as well as regular tutoring.


New Skellig Celtic Christian Community

New Skellig gathers as a domestic church which meets in small intimate settings in the homes of its members.  All baptized Christians are welcome to join us, as well as anyone who is simply seeking to know more about catholic Christian faith. Our gatherings include the celebration of the Eucharist-with ample attention given to contemplative silence; group reflection; biblical or theological study; and a simple shared meal.  We continue to explore community ministries and outreach directed toward environmental concerns, working locally with individuals in need, collaborating ecumenically with other church ministries, and fostering contemplative practices for the transformation of society and the world.  All this, however, always with an emphasis on fostering a deep interior life within the spirit of the Celtic Christian tradition.  For more information please see our website at: or contact Fr. Vincent Pizzuto at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


The National Ex-Offender Reentry Initiative

PO Box 360303 
Tampa, FL  33673 

A unique organization both in mission as well as in structure.  The Ex-Offender Reentry Initiative aids those who have been in prison for three years or more to adjust to the "world outside".  The services include spiritual direction, mental health counseling, job search and support and housing assistance.  The Ex-Offender Reentry Initiative is supervised and administered by the Apostolic Catholic Church.  It is intentionally staffed by members various faith communities.  At all times at least half of the staff is made up of former prisoners who have successfully completed five or more years in the "world outside". 


Pisgah View Community Services

P O Box 19215
Asheville NC 28815
(828) 252.5253

Pisgah View Community Services encourages and facilitates cooperative home and business ownership among the economically disadvantaged in southern Appalachia.